Technical Overview

  • System Environment: Web-based
  • Intended Audience: Non-Technical Users, Web Developers,
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Operating System: OS Independent
  • Programming Language: PHP, jQuery, jqGrid, XHTML, SQL
  • Database: All Modern Relational Database (thru ADOdb)

Since the major system architecture shift in phpGrid version 4, the new version abandons the old programming model which heavily relies on server side scripting, both in rendering and data operations. Much of the datagrid rendering now resides on the client side browser using jQuery and jqGrid. The server side is solely responsible for data CRUD operations. The new version is much more scalable than the previous generation, It also offers more features, such as subgrid and theme roller.

PHP web-based editable datagrid now can be achieved in two lines of code rather than five lines in the previous version. It also use Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, extensively for display related tasks, a perfect balance between simplicity and features.

phpGrid supports all major databases and all major web browsers.