• Create datagrids in minutes, not hours.

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    Create beautiful, editable and fully customizable
    PHP grids with only TWO lines of code.

    • Build PHP CRUD Applications
    • Supports all major databases
    • WYSIWYG editor
    • Master detail & subgrid

    • Ajax file upload
    • Composite key support
    • CSV, Excel, PDF Export
    • Conditional formatting

A Feature Packed Datagrid Will Make Your Applications Shine.

With the ability to handle millions of records, a wealth of features including CRUD, WYSIWYG, file upload, autocomplete, composite primary key, and complete export capabilities.

Download phpGrid and create your first data grid in less than 5 minutes. Create Awesome Datagrids Today!

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phpGrid is used by over 5000+ companies and education institutes in more than 30 different countries. Here are some of our customers who love us!

I would not have ordered this product if I did not do my homework.It IS the best available grid out there by far – and I have tested them all. Arguably, and dependent on your perspective, skills and needs, there may well be space for minor improvements product-side. However, sometimes customer service is more important than the finished product.120% awarded here !
Prof. Mac van der MerweSchool of Computing, University of South Africa
Prof. Mac van der Merwe
You totally blew me away when I could just take an incredibly short code example, make two or three really simple changes, and suddenly voila! instant grid!
Mark EdwardsProgrammer Consultant
Mark Edwards
phpGrid overcomes challenges with data presentation and CRUD operations on it which is one of the most difficult things to program and test….it is an absolute pleasure to use and it can be integrated with most PHP applications in matter of minutes!…Tons of thanks to Richard for creating and supporting phpGrid and an incredible line of products. These are truly helpful for us all in the developer community.
Sunil GeorgeIT Developer and QA, Dallas, Texas
Sunil George
I have come to love and depend on phpGrid for customer web applications, internal administration web apps, and reports and research tools for our many databases. It drastically cuts development time…I couldn’t imagine not having phpGrid in our toolbox for making all our php grids!
Stephen Funkbangwebworks.com
Stephen Funk
PhpGrid is AMAZING! Powerful, flexible, easy to implement, sturdy and stable – with excellent  documentation and examples. The response time is unbelievably quick! It is a must have tool for developers.  It adds that extra sparkle to the web application. And the responsiveness of  technical support to my questions has been one of the best I have experienced in 40 years of developing applications. Well done phpGrid!
Martha J. SayersWeb Application Developer
What I love about phpGrid is the sheer amount of time saved! What would have taken me a month or more to develop, I was able to accomplish in less than a day. Not only was it easy to setup, but it was easy and intuitive for my clients to use and navigate it. The primary reason I chose phpGrid was due to the Export feature built write into the grid, as well as the built-in PHP query functions… there were no complexities in the setup whatsoever.
Caleb Hurdcontractorsan.com
Caleb Hurd
phpGrid has become one of the best arrows in our quiver. As a small IT shop charged with handling an incredibly robust data infrastructure, we are always looking for ways to articulate information to our constituencies using meaningful and easy to understand methods. This tool set allows us to bring information to market faster, and enhances our value to the organization.
Brian PearsonCIO | STACKED Restaurants (stacked.com)
Brian Pearson
The best things about phpGrid is that it is simple to do simple things with it. So many developer tools have a lot of power but require a lot of setup and complexity to just do the basics in the simplest and most common cases. I was able to put together a basic interface in just a few minutes without any thinking or planning. Once that was in place I could start experimenting more.
Brian YoderArtRenewal.org
Brian Yoder
We think you’ll agree that’s quite impressive for such a minimal amount of code…absolutely minimal coding! phpGrid is the only PHP control that can create jQuery grid without Javascript.
Jon ParisIBM
Jon Paris
phpGrid is a great tool which helps to build great web application. It minimizes the development time which I never expected. My client is very pleased with outcome of the content management system that is built with it.
Mohamed SamirIndependent consultant)
Mohamed Samir
Bank of America
University of Florida
Government of Canada
Fidelity Bank