$custo_prop_jsonstr is a variable, not a function. The variable type is JSONString (string in JSON format).

The difference between $cust_prop_jsonstr and set_grid_property() is that the later is a function and must take an array as parameter. On the other hand, $cust_prop_jsonstr gives user the power to inject string directly into the jQgrid properties.

Which one to use?

The rule of thumb is to use $cust_prop_jsonstr when the property is form of string; else use set_grid_property() function. In general, you want to use set_grid_property().


This is an advanced variable. In most cases, you do not need to use it unless you are already very familiar with jQgrid ins and outs that you want to manipulate your grid properties like a code ninja. :)


// Here filters must be passed as string to data.php later sent through POST. It's not possible to use set_grid_property function which must take array params
$dg->cust_prop_jsonstr .= 'postData: {filters:
// add toolbar to top of the grid.
$dg->cust_prop_jsonstr .= 'toppager:true,';