• Parameter(s):
    • $can_search: boolean. When set to true, the search icon displays in the footer, and the integrated search is toggled when the icon is clicked.
    • $auto_filter: Array. List of fields used for Excel-like auto filter (Local array data source only. version 6.52+)
  • Description:
    • The integrated search provides an intuitive interface for searching data within the datagrid. The user can search one or multiple fields. No additional programming is required. The datagrid is automatically refreshed and repopulated with results returned from the query through AJAX.
  • Remark:
    • The integrated search is toggle off by default. Click on the Search button in the footer to toggle on the integrated search. To toggle search on by default. Please see this KB.
    • The second parameter is a paid feature only that auto-generates filters based on field contents. It’s similar to how Excel auto filter works. It works with local array data source only where data are loaded at once.
  • Example:
$dg -> enable_search(true);