phpGrid 7.4

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+ Bugfix:

  • Export failed in a local array data source. Do not call get_col_dbnames()
  • Missing font files PDF TABLE (fixed)
  • Master-detail inline add new row works
  • Trumbowyg enter key submits the form (fixed by e.stopPropagation)

+ Enhancements:

  • Updated ADOdb to 5.20.14
  • Autocomplete via filtered Ajax JSON data URL (good for large dataset)
  • Added sample code for returning JSON for ajax dropdown
  • Add 100 years back to datepicker (default is 20)
  • Clone/copy row now works on INLINE edit
  • Remove &nbsp in EXCEL export So the numbers are automatically formatted as the number in Excel
  • Update Trumbowyg to the latest

+ Demos:

  • Bootstrap integration to resize to parent window only after toggle
  • Cell edit to include CELL Add and Delete
  • Data format demo to include a hack to allow some countries that have data entry with a comma in currency
  • Added the export button to the local array
  • Change cell edit mode button export to use relative path
  • tabbed grid demo update. Switched to Bootstrap tab from jquery UI tab