Announcing phpGrid 7.6

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  • Use Yarn v3 to manage Javacript dependencies
  • Use Composer to manage all PHP dependencies
  • Replaced PHPExcel (discontinued) with PHPSpreadsheet
  • Fixed an issue in XML data source from missing C_Utility::gen_rowids()
  • Fixed all deprecating issues in PHP 8.2 such as dynamic properties
  • Fixed PDFTable deprecation issue with dynamic property in PHP 8.2
  • Added missing theme-icon.png for demo explorer
  • Demo to show set detail grid title with selectRow event in master details
  • Local array data to display ‘no data found.’ msg when array is empty
  • Fixed some issues found by Lint
  • Remove unused jq_conditionalRows variable
  • Demo update: auto fit parent conainer 100% width
  • Sample DB updated supplier table
  • Added missing sample images
  • Changed file upload folder to ‘uploads’ folder
  • File upload now will always upper case of file extensions for better comparison
  • Deprecated enable_debug() and removed all references
  • Demo edit in iframe to use https from http
  • Updated foreign character demo and sample db to use utf8mb4
  • Demo theme roller to open in its own window
  • Bug fix: get sql_key value when it’s missing as only SQL Select is passed to consructor
  • Minor CSS fix to multiple row select checkbox
  • Supports view image stored as long blob field (no editing)
  • Demo date format bug fix