phpGrid 7.3

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This is a big release with many new features including PHP 7.3 support! All licenses are encouraged to update.

+ Features:

  • PHP 7.3 support!
  • Replaced jWYSIWYG with Trumbowyg due to jWYSIWYG is no longer jQuery 3 compatible
  • Better Notifications with the real-time server response

+ Bugfix:

  • Replace HAVING with WHERE when aggregate function exists so it will be compatible with non-MySql
  • Column freeze – moved code block into event function so that is rendered after DOM is ready
  • In PHP 7.3, using “continue” on a “switch” statement now throws a warning. Changed to ‘switch’
  • Fixed a bootstrap CSS that displays extra bottom padding in the toolbar search
  • COUNT now throw a warning when param is not Countable interface. Fixed.
  • Check bootstrap if loaded had the wrong boolean. Fixed.
  • Fixed the weird box shadows in bootstrap theme

+ Enhancements:

  • Load Bootstrap CSS when it is not loaded.
  • set_col_dynalink – parameter baseLinkUrl: when a link begins with ‘HTTP’, or it is considered a column name

+ Demos:

  • Inventory management barcode tutorial – last part of the tutorial
  • Fixed missing add icons in detail grid for inline edit
  • Custom Action Buttons – Shopping Cart
  • Master-detail layout with better CSS
  • Bootstrap layout demo
  • Freeze demo with search and add new
  • Default to the last page in freeze column demo
  • New demo cell edit mode with add and delete