enable_edit() *

* Please note this feature is only available in paid versions.

  • Parameters:
    • $edit_mode: FORM, or INLINE. The default is FORM.
    • $operations: specify allowed datagrid edit operations. By default, all edit operations are allowed.
      • C = Create
      • R = Review
      • U = Update
      • D = Delete
    • $edit_file: Optional. Use a custom edit file other than the default “edit.php”. Do not set this parameter unless you ABSOLUTELY know what you are doing!
  • Description:
    • When Form edit mode is used, additional icons appear in the data grid footer used for editing. When set to inline mode, the cells in the selected row become editable when the row is clicked. Only a single row can be edited for either mode.
  • Remark:
    • Multiple records can be deleted when multiple select is enabled. See set_multiselect() for more information on this method.
    • For inline edit, the user must press Enter key to save changes
  • Example:
$dg -> enable_edit('FORM', 'CRU'); // Everything is allowed but delete

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