enable_edit() *

* Please note this feature is only available in paid versions.

  • Parameters:
    • $edit_mode: FORM, or INLINE. The default is FORM.
    • $operations: specify allowed datagrid edit operations. By default, all edit operations are allowed.
      • C = Create
      • R = Review
      • U = Update
      • D = Delete
    • $edit_file: Optional. Use a custom edit file other than the default “edit.php”. Do not set this parameter unless you ABSOLUTELY know what you are doing!
  • Description:
    • When Form edit mode is used, additional icons appear in the data grid footer used for editing.¬†When set to inline mode, the cells in the selected row become editable when the row is clicked. Only a single row can be edited for either mode.
  • Remark:
    • Multiple records can be deleted when multiple select is enabled. See set_multiselect() for more information on this method.
    • For inline edit, the user must press Enter key to save changes
  • Example:
$dg -> enable_edit('FORM', 'CRU'); // Everything is allowed but delete

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