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phpGrid Lite is FREE for both personal and commercial use. We do not provide technical support to Lite Edition. Features such as edit, master detail, subgrid, grouping, and reference to multiple databases are only available in paid versions. By downloading the software, you agree to the terms of our license agreement.

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Conditional Output
In-Cell Bar Chart
PDF Export
AJAX File Upload
Local Array Data Source
Composite Primary Key
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Multiple Databases
Source Code
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Ready-made Solutions
Basic $95
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All databases


Hot Summer Sale extended! Get 25% OFF with the discount code (ends on 9/30)

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License FAQs

Can I use phpGrid Lite in commercial product?

phpGrid Lite is completely free. Use it however you want. However, we do not provide technical support. For 24/7 support, please consider acquiring a commercial license. Thanks for your support!

What is the main difference between the commercial licenses?

The main difference is phpGrid Enterprise Plus includes phpChart, PHP Event Calendar, PHP Autocomplete, and PHP Database Form, essential all of our PHP components, for only additional $200 dollars.

What do Developer and Sites/Hosts means?

A developer license enables one developer to use phpGrid for development purpose.  Sites/Hosts license allows developers deploy phpGrid in production web sites. One site license is required for each production web site.

I’m the only developer in my company. Which license should I buy?

If you have only a single client who will use phpGrid, Basic license is sufficient. Anything beyond, it is recommend to acquire commercial license for more developer and site licenses support.

We are a technical consulting firm that offers web design and web development. What license should we acquire?

If you are a medium to large IT company who supports has a large client base, we recommend non-basic commercial licenses because a single developer license only allows one developer to use phpGrid for development purpose. A separate site license is also required for each production website.

I have Basic/Professional license, can I upgrade to higher editions?

Absolutely! You have 30 days to decide whether or not to upgrade after you made your purchase.

License Details


A single developer license enables one developer to use phpGrid for development purpose.


The site runtime license is targeted at developers using phpGrid in production web sites. One site runtime license is required for each production web site.

Source Code

Normally, users cannot directly edit the phpGrid because the source code is encrypted and obfuscated for digital distribution. However, phpGrid source code is included for commercial license type. Users of have those two licenses have maximum flexibility in customizing phpGrid to their own needs.

Custom Branding

The commercial licenses offer full access to custom branding, e.g, logo, loading text, with unified corporate brand appearance.

Database Suppport

Type of databases supported. phpGrid Basic supports MySQL database while phpGrid Professional, Enterprise, and Universal support all major databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, and Firebird.

Multiple Databases Connectivity at Runtime

Connect to multiple databases within the same user session. In other words, you can define database connection at run-time that is different from the database settings initially set in conf.php. This is achieved using the $db_connection variable in constructor. Only available in commercial edition.


phpGrid includes a number of pre-built, up to 20 different themes based on license type. Check out the Theme roller example!


Turns your simple text field into a word processor by replacing textarea with rich text editor with a single function call.

Ajax File Upload

The file upload is seamlessly integrated with the edit form. Files can be uploaded and deleted right within the form using Ajax. phpGrid is one of the only datagrid solutions current support file upload.