Install phpGrid using cPanel

While this tutorial walkthrough shows you how to install phpGrid using web interface of cPanel, it is recommended to use SFTP whenever possible.

Designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site, cPanel is a popular web-based web hosting interface software for the website owner. To install phpGrid, using cPanel, logging into cPanle, then go to File Manager, and upload phpGrid zip file into public_html directory, finally extract the zip file.

Installation Walkthrough:

1. Go to File Manager in cPanel


2. Click ‘public_html’ or whatever the web root folder


3. Click Upload and upload compressed phpGrid (.zip)

cpanel_filemanager_pub file upload


4. Extract the compressed phpGrid.

cpanel_filemanager_pub extract

5. Lastly, edit conf.php for required database connection.

cpanel_filemanager_pub upload edit conf


A final note, do not extract compressed phpGrid file first before upload because the upload would like to fail due to considerable number of files.

Happy gridding!