Announcing phpGrid version 7.4.7

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phpGrid 7.4.7

This release has a very important security bug fix. Users are STRONGLY recommend to upgrade to this version at earliest time.


  • PHPExcel PHP 7.4.1 update
  • Persist column state enhancement and fixed a small bug that returns warning
  • Fix to load on vertical scroll
  • Force hover color
  • PDF export deprecating issue fix
  • Increase setTimeout to 500 from 200 in a form only mode
  • multi-select dropdown in toolbar search need to also check value
  • show scroll bar for long edit form (Bootstrap & JQuery UI)
  • Fix the sub-grid plus minus ill aligned
  • Security hardening with new white_list() function to prevent potential SQL Injection – added 3rd parameter to array_search, must check value ‘1’ as it’s the default value for ORDER BY.


  • Date format time only entry update, set range of selectable years back and future 50 yrs.