Announcing phpGrid version 7.4.6!

## phpGrid 7.4.6

This is an important bug fix release. Users are encouraged to upgrade to this version at earliest.

### Bugfixes:
* Removed a deprecated magic method in utility class causing issues in PHP 7.4
* Revert a change in table namespace used for naming jqgrid index in colModel. In complex query, the best way to avoid column name ambiguity is still to use column alias.
* Improved mobile view with better CSS. Autoscroll is not supported in mobile view
* Remove generated fonts during pdf export from repo
* Included additional PDf fonts
* PHP 7.4 support – Deprecated: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated
* Update tfPDF to 1.8.2 for PHP 7.4
* Turn off autoresize caused edit form to cut off buttons in the bottom.
* Check isset col_edittypes[$colName][“multiple”] * Fixed minor issues with row checkbox alignment in CSS
* Copy row bug fix due to constant ‘id’ replaced with JQGRID_ROWID

### Demo
* Improved master detail multiple tabbed demo