Announcing phpGrid v7.2.8

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  • Features:
    • Datepicker, Datetimepicker, Timepicker are now automatically used based on the type returned from ADOdb Mysqli driver. Before it was only Datepicker by default.
    • Ready-made apps (Enterprise PLUS)
  • Enhancements:
    • Updated to the latest ADOdb
    • Replace jQuery migrate 3 with 1.2.1 for better compatibility
  • Bugfix:
    • The detail grid loses initial filter and displays everything. Fixed.
    • Removed extra padding around autocomplete in the form display
    • In edit type, set the select type empty value to literal ‘null’ ONLY when the column is NOT required so it converts to database null.
    • The master-detail function has a warning message to overlay the page. Fixed.
    • PHPExcel is no longer supported by OOS. However, still fixed a bug due to UTF-8 to delay finding an alternative library.
    • Fixed a bug in PHPSqlparser due to PHP 7 more restrict rule on function signature.
  • Demos:
    • New demo that use a column to display text and hyperlink in another
    • New connection settings “sqlsrv” for Azure SQL server & native SQL Server support. This is the new recommended datbase type for SQL server on Windows & Azure.
    • Local array data source with total
    • Auto scroll