Version 5.5

older screen
  • Advanced search is now supported in detail grid.
  • Updated to ADOdb library 5.1.8
  • Added toolbar search dropdown support
  • phpChart integration example added!
  • Now support array parameter in set_col_dynalinks.It’s also backward compatible.
    • $dynaParam (old $idName) can be a string or an array width dynamic value$addParam are parameters with static value
  • display_script_includeonce scope is now public (better MVC framework compability)
  • better Oracle database support
    • define(PHPGRID_DB_TYPE, ‘oci805’);
  • PDF, CSV export format are now supported by requests!
  • Performance optimzation with large datasets
  • Now supports virtual columns, AKA caclulated field!
  • Added support for custom validation by requests!
    • set_col_customrule()
  • array data source is now (finally) supported! export, subgrid and master detail grids are not supported
  • Bug fix: Master Detail INLINE edit not working in master grid due to mulitple onSelectRow event handler.
  • Bug fix: $grid not defined
  • Bug fix: Only variable can have & since PHP5
  • Bug fix: set_col_edittype now works with non-integer key
  • Bug fix: conditional format when multiple select is true