Announcing phpGrid 7.5.3

phpgrid logo w slogan@2
  • Start using Composer install for ADOdb, PHPSQLParser, more to follow
  • Postgres complete sample db
  • Real estate listing demo app
  • bugfix: field_name() can returns false since orgname property doesn’t exist all db type
  • compatible fix in php, count must not have null
  • PDO_ODBC support (experimental)
  • Update all demos to use phpCtrl from phpGrid namespace
  • Improved tabbed detail grids example
  • Removed hard coded
    in grid bottom replace with CSS
  • jqGrid modal to widen when using Bootstrap theme
  • db->field_name() returns false when it is an alias (cannot be used in WHERE) as some dbs don’t support alias used in WHERE. this fix global search when alias used, but not with integrated search yet
  • fontawesome 4.3->4.7
  • Sql parse now also checks for run-time new connection settings
  • demo update – remove caption for tabbed grid
  • BUGFIX – set caption false css had no unique ID
  • modify phpgrid enable width to use its container width, not BODY
  • BUGFIX – $this->jq_colNames, set_colNames are descriptive name. col_dbnames are now used for actual database field name
  • remove extra document ready in autowidth function